Welcome to the web site of Slothmorse. This project is owned and maintained by Bryan R. Johnson, a librarian, bibliographer and freelance writer. These pages are meant to showcase my projects, currently underway, proposed future work and archives of previous work. As of mid 2014, this site is primarily concerned with an ongoing project to construct a bibliography of the Great War (1914-1918), the centennial of which has just begun. Eventually, as time permits, other sections will be added.

The three main sections are (or will be):

Writing. A description of books, articles and other projects written or compiled by Bryan R. Johnson, in the hope that an agent and publishers will be impressed enough to offer him contracts and an income that will exceed current poverty guidelines. My motto: “Will write for money.” In the meantime, I write because that is what I do.


Great War Bibliography. The only thing more insane than working as a full-time freelance writer is to work as a professional bibliographer. Yet, that is what I do. With the centennial of the war soon upon us, I began to compile a bibliography of English-language monographs on the Great War which are either available in digital format or are currently in print. The link button on the upper left of this page will take the reader to a more detailed description of the project.

Blackfeet Bibliography. In 1983, after seven years’ work, I published the first monograph-length bibliography of the Blackfeet (Siksika) Indians. Thirty years later, I have begun a second edition, which I will begin to post when possible. Other projects and sections may be added, as time and opportunity become available. I may even get around to adding some design and color to these pages, but in the meantime I’m more interested in content than design.

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