Populating the Website

This site began about two years ago on an HTML platform. This year, as I was preparing to renew my agreement with the hosting company (called Fat Cow; how could I not choose them as my website host?) they offered an initial discount for the hosting fee if I switched over to a WordPress platform. It was obviously a way to entice me to sign up for what would eventually be a higher-priced product, but I didn’t care: I had heard a lot of good things about WordPress and thought that it would be useful to start using that system. Besides, having to start over, more or less, would give me the opportunity to re-think the design of this web site and perhaps make some different choices. Which I have, in fact, done.

Of course, starting over also means, well, starting from the beginning. So, I am having to re-format and re-organize a lot of the content of the site. Every day I try to populate* the site with some additional files from the old site. Eventually — I hope in no more than a week or so — the entirety of the citations from the old, clunky HTML site will have migrated** to this one. Then, at last, I can try to resume adding new content. Even before then, I’ve started in a small way by adding a short book review of Wounded by Emily Mayhew (Oxford University Press, 2014) in the “Great War New Books Noted” section. In the future, I will occasionally make an announcement in these posts when I’ve added a nice big lot of new citations.

*The “how to build a website” books use this term, “populate” when they obviously mean to add items to the site. Still, “populate” has a comforting, Biblical feel to it. Once can almost imagine a previously overlooked verse, “Go forth and be fruitful, and populate the site of the web.”

**This is also a term used in the website self-help books. One can’t help but imagine great herds of wilderbeest moving across the dusty Serengetti plains, with a few cheeta and lions lurking around the fringes. It is sort of like that, really, but with more cursing.


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