The Atlantic Goes To War

The Atlantic Magazine, of all publications, has not only published a special issue on the Great War, but has established a web site with a great many contemporary photographs. I have to admit that I was a little surprised that this magazine would mark the centennial of the beginning of the war. For one thing, it’s an American magazine (established in 1857) and therefore I wouldn’t expect them to get particularly excited about the subject until 2017, the anniversary of when the U.S. entered the conflict. Secondly, I always think of The Atlantic as being more concerned with politics and culture than history.

In any case, the print edition of World War I: How the Great War Made the Modern World is available for $13.00, ordered from their website. It is 148 pages and contains 71 essays and articles plus a large selection of photographs. (The site does not mention if they ship outside the United States, or what the extra cost would be.) They also have electronic versions available that can be read on Kindle and Apple devices.

I have ordered a copy of the print edition, but it may take a few weeks before I receive it. I’ll wait to review it until I read it, of course (as much as I’d like to pre-judge them on their Northeast Establishment liberal weenie reputation, I promise to hold off). In the meantime, if you feel like buying a pig in a poke, the links to order a copy for yourself or to look at their site are embedded above.

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