New Books on the Great War

It’s not a surprise that new books on the Great War would be published during the centennial year. I was expecting quite a few new books to come out, but not this many. Today, I just added 50 new titles to the “New Books” section, but I have another 200 citations to format, add links and place in their proper categories. Not that I’m complaining — this is my chosen project and, besides, I’m pleased that so many authors and publishers are marking the centennial with new titles — but it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed.

As I dig through my sources to find citations for new (and some forthcoming) books, I keep a personal log as well. This is divided into two sections: “Borrow and Read” and “Buy and Read,” with the second category at least six times as long as the first. Leaving aside the issue of coming up with the money to buy all these books, there’s the little matter of setting aside the time to just read all of this material.

Even so, I just know that I’m missing quite a few citations. If you know of a recently (say, within the past 5 years) published book on some aspect of the Great War that is not listed in the “New Books” section, please use the handy “Contact Me” form and let me know. I’d appreciate it.


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