Great War Bibliography

This bibliography was begun in 2012 to provide a research resource, limited in scope, for anyone who wished to have access to published works on the Great War (1914-1918) available in some form on the Internet. Whether it is useful will depend upon the needs and, one assumes, desperation, of the user.


Monographs in English, from 1914 to the present, from all sources, which have had their text or table of contents digitized and made available on the Internet. Initially, only fee-free electronic resources will be listed, but eventually all electronic forms will be added. Even with this very limited scope, the compiler estimates that the bibliography will eventually reach approximately 8,000 to 10,000 titles. The citations are arranged alphabetically by main entry. The main entry is, usually, the author (or first author, if more than one) or the title (if there is no author). Since most of these citations are taken from such sources as library catalogues, the compiler is at the mercy of the original cataloguers: Some citations will be listed under an editor’s name or in some way that breaks the basic rule. That cannot be helped, since the project is so large that time cannot be taken to clean up each citation with great precision. If you are searching for a particular title and cannot find it under an author, search under the title (or vice versa). Given the size of the bibliography, there is no subject index, which makes this bibliography more useful than a searching aid for digital resources for a title already known than as a full catalogue of the subject.

Other lists. Eventually, a bibliography of bibliographies will be added. A section of large archives may also be listed later. Currently available are lists, alphabetical by main entry, of recently published books, with each year of publication having its own page. A full uniform resource locator (URL) is provided for full-text copies of older books and tables of contents for recently published books. Tables of contents can be useful for researchers and other readers to determine if the book covers a subject of interest before they go to the trouble and expense of purchase or borrowing the book through a library. Full-text electronic copies of books have obvious value to the reader. One of the great blessings of the Internet is the way in which it can make digitized copies of books available worldwide, and this bibliography is focused on this aspect of the literature of the Great War. Caution: The free-access full-text digitized books listed in this bibliography are, to the best of the compiler’s knowledge, legally in the public domain in the United States. Since other countries (Great Britain and Australia come to mind) define the length of copyright differently than the United States, use of these digitized copies outside the United States may or may not be legal. It is the user’s responsibility to determine the status of any particular electronic book before using it.

Bibliography last updated: October 25, 2014 Citations: 1,792

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