Great War New Books

While having access to free electronic editions of older books on the Great War is useful, the number of new books being published in recent years also require attention. The centennial is, of course, inspiring a large number of new titles. I have been trying to keep up with the new books being published on the Great War and have created this list (not really a bibliography).

Of course, the number of titles published in recent years (and, I’m confident, to be published in the next few years) is large and growing. In its current form, this list is a bit of a jumble: There are some broad subject headings, such as “Air War” or “Biography,” but using this list will require simply paging through citation after citation. For some people (such as myself), “reading” a bibliography or book catalogue can be an enjoyable exercise, but for others, not. In any case, I offer this list as a possible tool for anyone who has the patience, and budget, to try to keep up with recently published books on the war.

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